ÜNAL PULSES ve TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ ÜNAL TİCARET is a company established in the 1980s in Konya, the homeland of grain, where fertile soils offer the most natural product to human beings. Since it was founded in the sector of quality and service on behalf of that in an effort to make the best companies in our sector with its quality bar to raising industry in our company day almıştır.b its deserved position Konya and Eskişehir-based trading, manufacturing and Turkey enters into distribution to each region to compete in today's world It has brought quality along with it. Our main goal is to provide quality assurance to our customers. Our company, which continues its commercial life with this principle, has preserved its unshakable position in the pulses field, thanks to years of experience, knowledge and reputation and trust gained after sales, and has continued to be the first preferred brand for the consumer. Healthy nutrition is the basic rule for a healthier generation. At this point, ÜNAL BAKLİYAT focuses on organic agriculture with sensitivity, it is an organization that lays the foundations of organic agriculture in Konya region, brings them together with the farmers, follows the agricultural lands and takes the crops directly from our organic farmers and transports them to your tables, working with this understanding and never compromising.


All products purchased from the farmer are packaged after being controlled. We think that our work and production in line with customer demands and expectations will be a solid future in the domestic and foreign markets today and in the future. At this point, we are honored by the interest and trust in our products, so we are grateful to our valued customers and customers who have provided us with this trust.


The strongest investment is an investment in customer satisfaction.


Our company, with its expert personnel, carries out R&D studies in order to maximize the product quality in line with the wishes of our customers, and cooperates and exchanges information with other organizations in this regard. As ÜNAL PULSES, we will continue our work from now on with the product quality we have reached in a short time, the customer potential that we increase day by day, and our expert staff that we have created to provide the best service to our customers.


- Unal Pulses; It will be a pioneering organization preferred by its employees, consumers, suppliers and customers.

- This will be achieved through the principles of innovation, human and quality-oriented, participatory management and competitiveness, the use of modern production technologies and information systems, and effective and efficient resource management.


- Unal Pulses; is a permanent, respected, responsible company that lives with a total quality philosophy, has adopted the principle of justice.

- It offers high quality and healthy products to consumers by using advanced technology with the principle of customer satisfaction.

- It contributes to the society and economy it lives in with the added value it produces.

- It provides all of these by giving importance to the happiness, communication and team spirit of its employees, whose living standards are constantly improving and who have a sense of devotion and commitment.


The first policy of Ünal Bakliyat in today's increasing competition is to provide quality assurance to its customers. The most effective tool that will provide this assurance is the system itself that creates quality. Ünal Bakliyat sees the total quality management method summarized as the customer deserves the best, as the only way to achieve perfection in quality and continuous improvement.


You can see the certificates of Eskisehir Unal Pulses company below.

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